4 December 2022


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Italy: Trento and Perugia wins postponements of Round 14

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After Modena, Trento also wins against the defending champions of Civitanova thanks to an amazing performance from the service line, which bent the rival reception throughout the match. MVP of the match Abdel Aziz. Unhappy day for Juantorena. In the other match, Perugia wins in straight set a hard match on the field of Kioene Padova.

Round 14 of the Italian Superlega, spread over three days, proposed an unusual schedule today: on Monday afternoon at 3:00 pm the fourth seasonal challenge was played between two powerhouses, Itas Trentino and Cucine Lube Civitanova. Still without Kooy, the hosts aim to give continuity to the series of results in the month of December, while Civitanova resumes the challenge at a distance with Perugia for the first place in the standings.
However, in a match conducted almost from start to finish, the team coached by Lorenzetti confirms the growth shown in the last period and finally manages to win against rivals in the regular season. Last time, it was three years ago!
After a first set played at high levels by both teams, in the second and third set Trento runs away at the start, the rivals recover at 20 but finally the hosts win both the sets, for greater incisiveness in the final points. Trento wins the challenge thanks to his performance from the service line (4 aces by Abdel Aziz, 8 in total for Trento, only one for Lube), a solid reception and a good attack, especially with Lucarelli (11 points, 73% in attack, and one block) and Lisinac (9 points, 80% in attack, 1 ace). Lube pays for captain Juantorena’s bad evening, which acts as a counterbalance to another very high level match in attack for Leal (15 points, 72% in attack, 2 winning blocks) and Rychlicki (18 points all in attack and 69%).

In the other unusual match played on Monday, Perugia wins in straight sets on the field of Padova.
The game, in theory, should have had no history, with the powerhouse coached by Heynen seemingly destined to win easy against a Kioene Padova who has so far earned little on the field. However, despite the guests having won in straight sets, they struggled more than expected in the first two sets, thanks to a Padova that, even with a remarkably subdued and unrecognizable Stern compared to the last game won against Cisterna, almost played a bad joke to the guests, dragging them to the advantages in the first set and yielding only on the final in the second. Lost the first two, Kioene gives up and the rivals do not miss the opportunity to speed up and close the match quickly.
Top scorer of the match Wlodarczyk, with Padova’s jersey, author of 14 points and 63% in attack, while Leon put down 13 for the winners and setter Dragan Travica was named MVP.

📌| Regular Season SuperLega Credem Banca | Round 14

🗓| December 12
Leo Shoes Modena – Consar Ravenna 3-0 (25:21, 25:15, 25:12)

🗓| December 13
Gas Sales Bluenergy Piacenza – Top Volley Cisterna 3-0 (25:21, 25:19, 25:17)

🗓| December 14

• Itas Trentino-Cucine Lube Civitanova 3-0 (25:22, 25:23, 25:22)
Itas Trentino: Giannelli 3, Santos De Souza 12, Lisinac 9, Abdel-Aziz 17, Michieletto 9, Podrascanin 6, De Angelis (L), Rossini (L), Sosa Sierra 0, Cortesia 0. N.E. Sperotto, Kooy, Argenta. Coach. Lorenzetti.
Cucine Lube Civitanova: De Cecco 2, Juantorena 3, Anzani 4, Rychlicki 18, Leal 15, Simon 5, Marchisio (L), Kovar 3, Balaso (L), Falaschi 0, Hadrava 0. N.E. Yant Herrera, Diamantini, Larizza. Coach. De Giorgi.

• Kioene Padova-Sir Safety Conad Perugia 0-3 (24:26, 23:25, 15:25)

Kioene Padova: Shoji 4, Wlodarczyk 14, Vitelli 8, Stern 8, Bottolo 7, Volpato 4, Gottardo (L), Danani La Fuente (L), Casaro 0, Canella 1, Fusaro 0, Milan 1, Merlo 0. N.E. Ferrato. Coach. Cuttini.
Sir Safety Conad Perugia: Travica 0, Plotnytskyi 11, Ricci 9, Ter Horst 7, Leon Venero 13, Solé 5, Russo (L), Piccinelli (L), Vernon-Evans 0, Zimmermann 0, Colaci (L), Atanasijevic 4. N.E. Sossenheimer, Biglino. Coach. Heynen.

🦠| Postponed for COVID
• Tonno Callipo Calabria Vibo Valentia – Allianz Milano
• Vero Volley Monza – NBV Verona

📄| Standings
Sir Safety Conad Perugia 36, Cucine Lube Civitanova 31, Tonno Callipo Calabria Vibo Valentia 22, Gas Sales Bluenergy Piacenza 21, Allianz Milano 20, Leo Shoes Modena 20, Vero Volley Monza 18, Itas Trentino 18, NBV Verona 13, Kioene Padova 11, Consar Ravenna 7, Top Volley Cisterna 5.

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