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Brazil: Financial crisis in Taubaté forces major stars to leave club

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The title contenders in the 2020/21 Brazilian Volleyball Championship, EMS Taubaté Funvic, are in the financial crisis that will likely reflect in saying goodbye to their major stars.
Thus players such as Lucas Saatkamp, Douglas Souza, Bruno Rezende, and Thales Hoss, all Brazil National Team members, won’t remain in the team. The first three are considered expensive and out of financial standards that will be established in the club based in the State of São Paulo in 2021/22. Apparently, Bruninho’s salary is R$ 1.8 million (276,000 euros), Lucão has R $ 1.250 million (191,000 euros), while Douglas Souza’s earns R. $ 1.2 million (184,000 euros).
Furthermore, Taubaté owe 2 months of salary to the majority of the players in the roster and haven’t yet paid in full the agreements signed with former players.

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