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Brazil: Taubaté defeat Minas at tie break in Final Game 1

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The first match of the Brazilian Superliga championship final series was played on the European night.

While revealing some usual problems of continuity (especially in the second and third set) Funvic Taubaté has respected the clear favors of the prediction, overcoming Minas 3-2.
Fiery tie break: a (questionable) invasion detected on the block by Mauricio Souza takes away the opportunity of the first break from Taubaté (1:1) and Minas goes ahead with Lazo’s counterattack (1:2). Douglas Souza overturns the situation after a prolonged exchange: 3:2. Minas comes back with Joao Rafael’s error in reception on Pinta’s non-irresistible serve (5:6), but then throws everything away, with 4 consecutive point errors: one in serving and 3 in attack (2 by Honorato and one by Escobar), 9:6. Mauricio Souza signs the maximum advantage by blocking Gustavao: 11:7. Pinta approaches the Minas by blocking Felipe Roque (12:10), but opposite blocks Lazo in a heavy point which worth 14:10. The last point is an error by Escobar: 15:11.

Felipe Roque was Taubaté’s biggest offensive weapon with 23 points, Maurício Souza set up 5 blocks, and João Rafael Ferreira was superb in defense with 92% reception (13 digs, 1 error and 54% excellent).
Cuban Yadrian Escobar and Henrique Honorato, both with 16 points, were the highlights on the side of Minas, while Matheus Santos ‘Pinta’ and Gustavo Bonatto ‘Gustavão’ had 4 blocks each.


| FINALGame 1
| April 15
• EMS TAUBATE FUNVIC – MINAS TENIS CLUBE 3-2 (25:18, 22:25, 23:25, 25:16, 15:11)
MVP: Douglas Souza.


| Game 2 – April 16
MINAS TENIS CLUBE – EMS TAUBATE FUNVIC 0-3 (20:25, 22:25, 17:25)

(( Game 3 – April 18 ))


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