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France: Cannes tie final serie vs. Chaumont. Game 3 will be decisive!

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Despite MVP Mergarejo’s 30 points (and a fantastic 68% in attack), Cannes celebrated the victory in Game 2 for the title, by beating Chaumont at tie-break, who paid 37 point errors (of which 20 in serving and 14 in attack). In particular, the 4 balls sent to the net in the first phase of the tie-break were fatal.

The hosts start the match better: Rodriguez’s block (also today on the field instead of Averill) on Lanza (2-1), Aciobanitei’s counterattack (3-1) and Herrera’s error (4-1). But Mergarejo overturns the score with a counterattack (6-5), block (6-6) and ace (8-9). Chaumont tries to escape, with Herrera signing the +2 counterattack (9-11), but Rodriguez equalizes with an ace: 14-14.
Great point closed by Mergarejo (14-15), but Cannes goes on again with Herrera’s error: 17-16. Teams take turns in command, Williams seems to conquer the first set point in counterattack, but the videocheck reveals his invasion (23-24) and Chaumont immediately closes with Herrera after a prolonged action 23-25.

The second set is also very balanced, with two break points on each side up to 6-6, then others for Chaumont with Mergarejo’s ace (6-7) and Herrera’s counterattack: 6-8. Error of Lanza in attack (8-8) and in reception (9-8, with an ace by Williams) and he is replaced by Petrov. Chaumont comes back with the error of Williams (10-11) and stretches with Mergarejo (12-14). But, thanks to Aciobanitei’s turn from the service line, Cannes equalize and goes on: block on Mergarejo (14-14), Herrera’s error (15-14), Aciobanitei’s attack from the second line (16-14), and another Herrera’s error (17-14). But nothing to do, because the guests manage to recover again, thanks to Williams’ error (18-17) and Herrera’s counterattack (19-20). Fernandez’s ace (20-22) seems decisive for Chaumont, but a foul by Mergarejo (22-22), a daring point closed by Williams (23-22) and an error by Herrera (24-22) turn the situation around. It is Aciobanitei who puts down the ball of 25-23.

In the third set, Mergarejo immediately puts an ace (0-2). Cannes overtakes with Williams’ block (3-3) and Herrera’s error (5-4). Lanza returns to the field instead of Petrov. The match is very balanced, then it is Cannes to escape again, with a counterattack by Klyamar (14-11), while Koncilja ‘s ace signs the 18-14. Mergarejo (19-17) and a block on Williams (20-19) reopen the set, but the tie will never come: on 22-21 Alonso on the field instead of Fernandez, but at the first set ball in Cannes, it is Alonso himself who suffers the block of 25-22.

Chaumont returns to the initial starting six, and immediately stretches, scoring one block after another: 0-1, then two by McDonnell (1-3 and 2-5) and one by Mergarejo (3-7).
On the field Lacassie instead of Aciobanitei, suffering in reception, but Mergarejo signs another point: 3-8. Lacassie does not work, and Aciobanitei returns to the field on 9-16, but Cannes is no longer playing, and also the diagonal Gelinski and Williams goes to rest on the bench in view of the tie-break, which arrives when Fernandez signs the 14-25.

In the decisive set, bad start for Chaumont, with attacks on the net by McDonnell (1-0) and Herrera (2-0). Ace by Klyamar (4-1), while Lanza misses from the service line: 5-2. Chaumont has a couple of opportunities to shorten the distance, but they crash on Rodriguez’s blocks: 7-4 and 8-5. Lanza does not close in attack, Aciobanitei yes, and it is 11-7. Advantage unchanged until 14-10 and, after Herrera’s counterattack (14-12), closes set and match the Mergarejo’s error from the service line: 15-12. And the title will be awarded in Game 3!


| LIGUE A 2020/21PlayOffs Final

Game 1 – April 21, 2021
Chaumont (4) – Cannes (2) 3-1 (27:25, 25:27, 25:23, 25:16)

Game 2 – April 24
• Cannes – Chaumont 3-2 (23:25, 25:23, 25:22, 14:25, 15:12)

Game 3 – April 25
Cannes – Chaumont 3-2 (23:25, 15:25, 25:18, 27:25, 15:9)

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