2 December 2023


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Paris Olympics schedule unveiled, and volleyball too gets official dates!

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The organizing committee of the 2024 Paris Olympics has published the first official calendar of the competitions that will take place in the French capital from July 24 to August 11.
Including the first program of volleyball, which in the next two years will probably be subject to some modifications.

The indoor volleyball competitions will be held at the South Paris Arena 1, of course a provisional name, one of the three halls built within the Paris Expo exhibition center in the southern area of the city.
The first phase of the two tournaments, men’s and women’s, will start on July 27 and will end on August 4, with a total of 36 matches.
The quarter-finals (August 5-6) and the semi-finals (August 7-8) will follow, while the dates of the medal day haven’t yet been defined, therefore, it’s not clear whether, as traditionally happens, one of the two gold medals in volleyball will be awarded on the closing day.

Moreover, a spectacular location for beach volleyball tournaments is prepared too, and they will be hosted by the arena set up in front of the Eiffel Tower.
Also in this case the matches will start on July 27, with 6 matches on the first day and 10 on the following, until August 3.
The round of 16 will be played on August 4-5, the quarter-finals on August 6-7, the semi-finals on August 8, and the matches for the medals on August 9-10.

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