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VNL 2022: Milad Ebadipour joins criticism of other players against FIVB

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Not only was there talking of the national teams’ dissatisfaction with the welcome received in Bologna, Italy, for the 2022 FIVB Volleyball Nations League final tournament at the meeting organized by the governing body of world volleyball with the captains of the participants in the event, but also of players’ issues.
The players, in fact, took advantage of the opportunity to bring their grievances to the FIVB on an old and much more urgent problem, such as that of the excessive international calendar. The captain of the Brazil National Team, Bruno Rezende ’Bruninho’ talked about it a month ago, the French star Earvin Ngapeth pointed it out upon arrival in Bologna, and now the Iran captain Ebadipour spoke up.

First, FIVB apologized to participants of the final tournament of the just concluded VNL in Bologna, Italy, following complaints Iran, Poland, and France made in regard to the organization.
And then, a couple of days after that, on July 22, the governing body of world volleyball called the meeting at the Sydney Hotel in Bologna with the captains of the eight finalists of the event, attended by the members of the FIVB’s Athletes Commission, the managers of the FIVB’s partners, Volleyball World, and national teams’ captains.
The reported shortcomings in the hotel facilities, the gyms used for training, the means of transport used, and other complaints on the organizational and logistical aspects of the Finals were discussed.
The FIVB didn’t inform the wide volleyball community of this meeting, but Frenchman Earvin Ngapeth, one of the most active players in talking about the organization’s problems, published the email convocation on his Instagram account.

Among the issues raised at the meeting were the issues of tickets and flights. The calendar is organized in such a way that you have to move to the other end of the globe every now and then. We also talked about the intensity of the matches. We have a lot of them right after the club season is over. This means that there’s nothing in our life but volleyball. There’s no rest, no time to visit families, no vacation,” Ebadipour said.

There’s too much volleyball with no rest. So I’m not surprised that Earvin Ngapeth recently wanted to show the player’s perspective on social media. The more you play, the more you risk. Example? Alan Souza, who suffered a painful injury. We have insurance from the federation, but not from the FIVB. FIVB representatives accepted our opinion, but what they’ll do about it, we’ll see in the future,” he added.

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