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Road to World Champs: this is Bulgaria. All 14 players

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After the friendly game played yesterday evening between Bulgaria and Canada, ended 3-1 for the hosts and played in Sofia, Bulgarian head coach Nikolay Zhelyazkov excluded second libero Simeon Dobrev and opposite Radoslav Parapunov.

This is the squad with which we will participate in the World Championship. Denis Karjagin trained so fantastic during preparation. I think in the games where the we gave the opportunity to play in Volleyball Nations League, he has shown some solid performance especially against The Netherlands and China, and we decided together with the staff that this is the best decision. It doesn’t mean that guys who will not participate in the World Championship won’t be part of this team in the future. They just have to keep going to work,” said Zhelyazkov.

Today they will face Canada again at 5.30 pm in last official test before the competition that will start on Friday in which, in first match, Buogaria will face defending world champions Poland on August 26 in Katowice, 9.30 pm local time.

• Georgi Seganov
• Dobromir Dimitrov

• Tsvetan Sokolov
• Denis Karjagin

Outside hitters
• Todor Skrimov
• Martin Atanasov
• Alexander Nikolov
• Asparuh Asparuhov
• Svetoslav Ivanov

Middle blockers
• Alex Grozdanov
• Svetoslav Gotsev
• Nikolay Kolev
• Stefan Chavdarov

• Vladislav Ivanov

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