11 December 2023


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FIVB releases dates and hosts of 2023 VNL preliminaries

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The International Volleyball Federation, FIVB, has announced where the tournaments of the 2023 Volleyball Nations League Preliminary Round will be played, for both the women’s and men’s competitions.

Even though since last year new rules regarding the event have come into force which put an end to the practice that every country that participates in the tournament will host matches for at least one week to reduce the number of demanding journeys, the FIVB continued to force national teams to travel a lot across the globe.

As many as four of the six women’s tournaments will be held in Asia: Nagoya, Japan (Week 1), Hong Kong, China (Week 2), Suwon, Korea (Week 3), and Bangkok, Thailand (Week 3). The remaining two cities to host preliminaries will be Ankara, Turkey (Week 1), and Brasília, Brazil (Week 2).
The first week of the Preliminary Round for women starts between May 30 and June 4, while the VNL Finals will be held on July 12-16.

The men will play in Ottawa (Canada), Nagoya (Japan), Rotterdam (the Netherlands), Orléans (France), Anaheim (USA), and Pasay City (Philippines).
Men kick-off will be between June 6 and June 11, while Finals are scheduled for July 19-23.


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