30 November 2023


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Germany: 2023/24 Bundesliga expands ranks to 12 teams

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As soon as the 2022/23 Bundesliga ended, in front of over 8500 people in Berlin, German federation already looking forward to the next edition which should see as many as 12 teams at the start.
After the relegation of the experimental Vco Berlin, 4 clubs have asked to play in country’s top division: Dachau, Freiburg, Bitterfeld-Wolfen and Baden Volleys, from Karlsruhe.

A championship that should therefore broaden the ranks, which can be seen as a good news after the farewells and post-covid defaults, but also as a lowering of quality because the federation will have to make some derogations to facilitate new clubs to participate.

“We are very proud, we believe we have taken the right measures, and we now have to ensure that the newcomers can stay in the league for the long term, not just in the first season. They are clubs with development potential that have interesting projects that we want to support,” said Julia Retzlaff, managing director of German Volleyball Federation.


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