9 December 2023


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Taylor Averill back to Poland! He will play for Projekt Warszawa

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U.S. middle blocker Taylor Averill, who looks like had to play in China, is officially a new player of current Plusliga Leaders Projekt Warszawa.
In last two season he played with the jersey of Indykpol AZS Olsztyn.

There was the chance to sign Taylor Averill, which we took advantage of, and it is a sign that shows that we take this season seriously. Our current position in the standings makes us optimistic, but we want to have a complete team given the injuries of our two middle blockers, to keep the intensity and level high during training and meetings,” said Piotr Gacek, vice president and sports director of Projekt Warszawa.

I am happy to join Projekt Warszawa soon, which is already doing very well in PlusLiga. I can’t wait to meet the Warsaw fans, I can’t wait to return to Poland, a country I love, and to feel the beautiful atmosphere in its halls. I am very happy to play in the largest and most fascinating city in Poland: Warsaw. See you on the field,” said the player about his signing.


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