24 September 2023


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[SPOILER] and rumors of volleyball transfers 2018/19

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We write in the section only OFFICIAL NEWS about volleyball transfers. Obviously the official news is more interesting (maybe), but now, on Monday 7 January, I want to talk about the movements of the last days. Big and lot of news from POLAND, and not only for the top teams. The Zaksa Kedzierzyn Kozleprobably says good bye to his mittle-blocker Krzysztof Rejno and wing-spiker Kamil Semeniuk, both in direction to Warta Zawiercie , and probably Maurice Torres, destination AZS Olsztyn. In response, there is lot interest of the stark Russian spiker DmitryVolkov (from Fakel Novy Urengoy) and the polish spiker Lukasz Kaczmarek (now in Cuprum Lubin). It also interests Facundo Conte, from Shangai Volleyball , IvanZaytsev from Perugia or PiotrGabrych, now in Będzin. Another rumor from the club is the wing-spiker Alexander Sliwka could also arrive from Resovia Rzeszów(if the wing-spiker Kamil Semeniuk will leave the team , destination own Resovia). Resovia Rzeszów is another club active. From Belogorie Belgorod could arrive one of the strongest wing-spiker of the world, Georg Grozer (or Mateusz Mika, from Gdańsk), the American mittle-blocker DavidSmith (from Warta Zawierce), the ex-Setter of Gi.Group MonzaKawika Shoji and the spiker Damian Schulz (always from Gdańsk).

Lot of rumors (at this moments only rumors) from ITALY too, with the exception of Verona that awaits the formalization of the mittle-blocker Sebastian Solè (from Taubate) and of the strong French spiker Stephen Boyer, vice-champion of France with Chaumont), and Modena with the polish Bartosz Bednorz from Belchatow. The vice-champions of Lube Civitanovawant, both from the brazilian team of Sada Cruzeiro, the two Cuban Robertlandy Simon (mittle-blocker) and Joandry Leal Hidalgo (wing-spiker). Another rumor about this team is Filippo Lanza, spiker from Trentino Volley. Speaking of Trentino Volley, they are interested to libero JeniaGrebennikov from Civitanova, and the Serbian mittle-blocker Srecko Lisinac, now in Belchatow. The negotiation between Wilfredo Leon, now in Kazan, and italian champions of Perugia is endless, even if the Cuban spiker could now go to Poland in Luczniczka Bydgoszcz.

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