11 December 2023


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Nikolay Penchev chooses the same direction as Bartosz Kurek and will play for Onico Warszawa.

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The Bulgarian international Nikolay Penchev has followed the footsteps of his teammate from Stocznia Szczecin, and now is a new player of ONICO Warszawa!
Despite his young age, Nikolay Penchev is a very experienced player since he played so many seasons in Plusliga. We are happy to have such volleyball players here in Onico Warszawa. We are deeply convinced that the national team member of Bulgaria will strengthen competition in the position of the outside hitter,” says Piotr Gacek, sports director of ONICO Warszawa.
Penchev started the season in Stocznia Szczecin but after the financial issues that this team is having right now, he decided to leave the club, like Kurek, Hoag (Perugia), Rossard (Berlin), but also the Czech setter Lukaš Tichaček (Będzin).

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