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Austria: Klagenfurt defeats Ried at tie break in first recovery match

VBK Wörther-See-Löwen Klagenfurt defeated UVC Weberzeile Ried away in 151 minutes by a 3-2, partially 26:24, 26:24, 19:25, 17:25, 20:18 in the recovery match of Round 3 in DenizBank AG VL on Tuesday evening. Ried ended the first phase of the regular season with five wins and five defeats, while Klagenfurt have four wins after eight games, but they still have other recovery matches to play.
Top scorers of the match were Niklas Stooß (18) and Tomasz Rutecki (17) for Ried, and Simon Frühbauer (23) and Simon Baldauf (17) for the winners.
Two more recovery matches will take place on Wednesday: Klagenfurt will visit TJ Sokol Wien at 5 p.m. while VBC TLC Weiz receives VCA Amstetten NÖ at 7.30 p.m.
The second phase of regular season begins on Saturday, while the top round with SK Zadruga Aich/Dob, UVC Holding Graz and Union Raiffeisen Waldviertel and the newcomers Amstetten starts on December 8th.

📌| Deniz Bank AG VL | Recovery matches

🗓| November 24
• SG UVC Weberzeile Ried/Innkreis vs. VBK Wörther-See-Löwen Klagenfurt 2-3 (24:26, 24:26, 25:17, 25:19, 18:20)

🗓| November 25
TJ Sokol Wien V – VBK Wörther-See-Löwen Klagenfurt 3-1 (21:25, 25:20, 25:11, 27:25)
VBC TLC Weiz – VCA Amstetten NÖ 3-2 (25:16, 22:25, 28:26, 23:25, 15:8)

📌| Deniz Bank AG VL | Phase 2

🗓| November 28
• TJ Sokol Wien V – VBC TLC Weiz
• TSV Raiffeisen Hartberg – VBK Wörther-See-Löwen Klagenfurt

Dayoff: SG UVC Weberzeile Ried/Innkreis

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