30 November 2023


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Coppa Italia: no upsets in quarterfinals – Civitanova, Perugia, Trento and Modena to Final Four!

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The reigning champions Cucine Lube Civitanova are the first semifinalists of the forty-third edition of the Del Monte Coppa Italia. In their quarter-final, they impose themself with an easy 3-0 against Kioene Padova without starting setter Shoji, and then led by the young Ferrato.
For the winners, after 6 victories out of 6 matches in the league, also wins the national cup quarterfinal in less than an hour (59 minutes the total duration of the match, partially it was 25:13, 25:12, 25:16), and this is the eleventh consecutive Final Four (with six wins).

Sir Safety Conad Perugia beats Consar Ravenna in four sets in comeback, to take the qualification to the Del Monte Coppa Italia, a trophy that, last year, had lost at the tie break against Lube Civitanova. Ravenna is also beautiful, playing a hard-fought match, with a super Recine (20 points at the end for the young outside hitter with 2 blocks and 3 aces) and an orderly and effective game system. Perugia on the other hand, which puts in the field from the first point opposite Atanasijevic and middle-blocker Russo, made really lot of errors (34 at the end of the match, against 16 of the rivals), but is more incisive from the service line (especially with Leon and Plotnytskyi) and in blocking (13 winners, 4 by Solè, MVP of the match with 16 points and 71% in attack). Double digits also for Leon (25 points with 5 aces), Plotnytskyi (19 with 4 aces) and Atanasijevic (17). Perugia on Saturday will face Itas Trentino in the semifinals, who win against Milano.

Itas Trentino claims the ticket for the Final Four for the twelfth consecutive season. The match against Allianz Milano ended 3-0, played three weeks after the regular season duel, and the hosts managed to confirm their superiority, winning the sixteenth consecutive victory and obtaining the same result achieved last January 6. Great team performance in attack for the winners with 66% and great performances by Michieletto (78%), Lisinac (86%) and Nimir (mvp of the match with 17 points, 67%, two aces and a block). Milano relied on Ishikawa, the only one in double digit, but it wasn’t enough to hope to conquer the first semifinal in their history.

The last semifinalist, unsurprisingly, is Leo Shoes Modena who fielded their best volleyball of the season and qualified for the umpteenth Final 4 of national cup. Nothing to do for their rivals, Vero Volley Monza, who had defeated the home team twice this season, without Holt, with Dzavoronok out of sight (1 point in two sets) and a Lagumdzija not at his best, accuses the first set lengthened with 3 set balls not closed, and gets lost in the second. The return in the second part of the third set was useless because, with a final 26:24, Modena celebrates.

| Del Monte Coppa Italia SuperLega
| Quarterfinals | January 27, 2021

• Cucine Lube Civitanova – Kioene Padova 3-0 (25:13, 25:12, 25:16)
Cucine Lube Civitanova: De Cecco 3, Juantorena 11, Anzani 7, Rychlicki 10, Leal 4, Simon 9, Marchisio (L), Balaso (L), Yant Herrera 7, Falaschi 0, Diamantini 0, Kovar 2, Hadrava 3. N.E. Larizza. Coach. De Giorgi.
Kioene Padova: Ferrato 2, Wlodarczyk 4, Vitelli 6, Stern 5, Bottolo 4, Volpato 1, Gottardo (L), Casaro 0, Danani La Fuente (L), Canella 1, Milan 2. N.E. Fusaro, Merlo. Coach. Cuttini.

• Itas Trentino – Allianz Milano 3-0 (25:22, 25:21, 25:21)
Itas Trentino: Giannelli 3, Santos De Souza 11, Lisinac 6, Abdel-Aziz 17, Michieletto 7, Podrascanin 5, De Angelis (L), Sosa Sierra 0, Argenta 0, Rossini (L), Kooy 1. N.E. Sperotto, Cortesia. Coach. Lorenzetti.
Allianz Milano: Sbertoli 1, Ishikawa 11, Kozamernik 6, Patry 7, Maar 8, Mosca 8, Pesaresi (L), Staforini (L), Daldello 0, Weber 1, Urnaut 2. N.E. Basic, Piano, Meschiari. Coach. Piazza.

• Sir Safety Conad Perugia – Consar Ravenna 3-1 (25:27, 26:24, 26:24, 25:21)
Sir Safety Conad Perugia: Travica 2, Leon Venero 25, Russo 5, Atanasijevic 17, Plotnytskyi 19, Solé 16, Biglino (L), Vernon-Evans 0, Colaci (L), Piccinelli 0, Zimmermann 0, Ricci 1, Ter Horst 1. N.E. Sossenheimer. Coach. Heynen.
Consar Ravenna: Redwitz 1, Recine 20, Grozdanov 10, Pinali 11, Loeppky 11, Mengozzi 9, Giuliani (L), Kovacic (L), Zonca 0, Batak 0, Stefani 0, Koppers 0. N.E. Arasomwan, Pirazzoli. Coach. Bonitta.

• Leo Shoes Modena – Vero Volley Monza 3-0 (28:26, 25:17, 26:24)
Leo Shoes Modena: Christenson 2, Lavia 11, Mazzone 6, Vettori 13, Petric 12, Stankovic 9, Iannelli (L), Karlitzek 0, Grebennikov (L), Rinaldi 2. N.E. Bossi, Buchegger, Porro. Coach. Giani.
Vero Volley Monza: Orduna 0, Dzavoronok 1, Beretta 4, Lagumdzija 17, Lanza 12, Galassi 11, Davyskiba 5, Brunetti (L), Federici (L). N.E. Ramirez Pita, Rossi, Giani, Falgari. Coach. Eccheli.

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