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Due to injuries, Russia forced to make changes before the EuroVolley

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According to the Russian media Sport Business Gazeta, the Russian national team has big problems before the start of the European Championship: before there were indications that Maxim Mikhailov would miss the competition, and during the preparations Viktor Poletaev was injured and will also miss Eurovolley. Despite fact that Maksim Zhigalov and Kirill Klets are opposites, according to the same source, Egor Kliuka is an option for opposite in the Russian team.

However, the problems did not end there: Anton Semyshev was also injured (he was not on the preliminary wide list, but was invited after Poletaev injury), and Fedor Voronkov was invited to the national team.
The latest news comes about the injury of Denis Bogdan, who will also have to miss the continental championship, and Pavel Tetyukhin has been called up to the national team in his place.

New List:

Setters: Igor Kobzar, Pavel Pankov

Outside hitters: (Egor Kliuka), Dmitry Volkov, Yaroslav Podlesnykh, Pavel Tetyukhin, Fedor Voronkov

Opposites: Maksim Zhigalov, Kirill Klets, (Egor Kliuka)

Middle blockers: Artem Volvich, Ilia Vlasov, Ivan Iakovlev, Ilyas Kurkaev

Liberos: Evgeny Baranov, Valentin Golubev

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