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Poland: Mariusz Wlazły announced his retirement after Playoffs!

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After more than twenty years of active participation in both national and international events, the current captain of Trefl Gdańsk Mariusz Wlazły has announced his retirement right after the playoff phase.

He has already shared his future plans, stating that he will remain involved in the sport but in a different charge: he will become, in fact, the coordinator of psychological preparation within the training staff at Trefl Gdańsk itself.
His interest in the complexity of sports competition has led him to appreciate the importance of analyzing the various factors that contribute to emotional stress and pressure in sports competition, and he believes that psychological preparation is as important as any other aspect of training and player preparation for sports competition.

The president of the Gdańsk-based club Dariusz Gadomski has already launched a project for a psychological care program for the volleyball players of his club, in which they collaborate with Doctor Marta Witkowska.
In the upcoming season, Wlazły will take on his new role as the coordinator of psychological preparation, including organizing cooperation between the team and the psychologist.


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